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Dismasted in the Southern Ocean

New mast and rigging test sailing on 5th June 2017 New mast and rigging test sailing on 5th June 2017

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(ex: Funnel-Web) a Robert Hick Open 50 design (2003)

Lisa Blair left Albany in Australia on 22nd January 2017 in an attempt to become "the first female to sail solo around Antarctica".

Dismasted after 72 days at sea...

...she erected a jury rig and headed to the nearest suitable port for repairs; taking on fuel from a passing container vessel and motoring approximately 900nm to Cape Town. The clock was ticking on her record-breaking attempt and would not be paused or halted while repairs were being undertaken.

Alerted to Lisa's dilemma, we met with various role players in the local yachting industry and following her arrival on 13th April 2017 we all kicked into high gear in an effort to help her on her way. Facing considerable budget and time constraints, Lisa purchased a suitable secondhand mast from a well-known local sailor whereafter we oversaw the refurbishment and upgrade of the mast and rigging to suit her particular boat and sailing requirements.

At the same time, Lisa was busy with insurance claims and securing sponsored replacement items. Soon crates of supplies were arriving and we busied ourselves with the assembly of furlers, hydraulic equipment, standing rigging, splicing and completion of running rigging, lights, mast electrics and all the finishing touches; culminating with the stepping of a shiny black mast on 25th May 2017.

We took some photo's on 5th June 2017 when we went out with Lisa on one of her test sails.

On Sunday 11th June 2017 Lisa sailed out of Cape Town, back down to the Southern Ocean, heading home to Australia and aiming to complete her solo record attempt.